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Welcome to ZigZag!

Dive into ZigZag, a community inclusive day program running Monday - Friday. It’s a hybrid mix of fun activities at our community centre and exciting outings in the neighbourhood.

Are you an NDIS participant and want to learn new things? Come along and meet new people, and have a great time.

Whether you want to pick up some life skills, be a part of our volunteering program, enjoy
community outings, earn an income or just find a bit of independence, ZigZag is here to make your days shine.

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Community-Centred Day Program

Immersion Program - ‘Good in the Hood’
This is where you get to be a big part of your community. Help out in our café, join in with our community centre, or get out in the local neighbourhood. It's all about learning new skills and having fun.
Day-to-Day Life Skills
Learn practical skills that make everyday life smoother and more enjoyable.
Community Centre and Café
Work hands-on in our bustling community hub, serving smiles and coffee.

Good in the Hood
In partnership with our community support program ‘Good in the Hood’, take an active role in our community.

Art Therapy
Work hands-on in our bustling community hub, serving smiles and coffee.

Get your hands dirty and connect with nature in our community garden
Take a moment for yourself with our calming meditation sessions.

Integrated Positive Behaviour Support

In Partnership with ‘LifeHackers Institute’
For those who need it, we've got extra support to help you tackle your complex needs. This program offers specialised support to encourage positive behaviours and personal growth.
Intensive Support:
Benefit from a comprehensive approach including multidisciplinary interventions, brainstorming labs, and participant therapy.
Building a Supportive Village:
A strong, supportive community is built around each participant, ensuring a sense of belonging and security

Peer-to-Peer Support:

Forge connections with peers for mutual support and understanding.

Specialist-Led Program:
Expert practitioners guide the program, focusing on participants with high-complexity needs.

Additional Pathways

SLES Program and Employment Support: 
We pave the way for future employment and independence with dedicated support for school leavers and beyond.
Employment Based Support
Developing skills and capacity for employment through our transition to work programme.

Jumping Into ZigZag Means:

Engage Actively With Your Community
Our community centre is where it's at, it’s where you can shine, contribute, and feel part of something bigger.
Achieving Your Goals
We're here to help you chase what matters to you
Making New Friends
Every day is a chance to learn something new and make friends along the way.
Growing Your Independence
We're all about helping you do things on your own, in your own way.
Building Your Future
ZigZag isn't just a program; it's a doorway to more independence, a bustling social life, and a chance to shine in your community. 

And the best part? It's all designed around what you love and how you want to grow.
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